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What’s good yall? I know I haven’t updated the site in a while & I still see mad people searching and connecting to the site to peep it. I appreciate it! I recently moved into a new apartment with my girlfriend and we now are getting the studio equipment set up so I can complete “The PURGE Mixtape”. This mixtape will be my LAST mixtape; it has more of the old PS style & hard ass downloaded beats with a dope theme + movie samples [the old Psyko South formula]. After this mixtape is put out for free download (with a limited amount of physical copies to be pressed up) I will be working on finishing the production side for my next album “Astral Projection”. You will be able to hear the first track off of “Astral Projection” on the Konspiracy ENT compilation album titled “Watergate” that will be dropping later this year.


This next album will mark a very necessary transition in my art. I have evolved a lot as a man and as an emcee, now it is time to push the envelope in my musical expression. Since I am only creating albums I will only be rapping over my own production after “The PURGE Mixtape” is completed. I feel confident that “The PURGE Mixtape” is the right bridge to cross from the old style to the new style with one last homage to the PS style we created.


I love creating audible art and I appreciate every one who supports what I do. #ThePURGEMixtape << Coming soon!!! ~ Vice Gripp

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