Unexpected Hero

// July 2nd, 2017 // Audio

Produced by The Legendary Traxster. Lyrics below.

This is…. for YOU…

I never… expected my life to be like it is
I sit around and wonder what it means to be Vice Gripp
A kid… who was bullied, ignored and looked over
Maybe that’s why I can rarely feel good sober
I march through life like an armed soldier
But I been aiming blindly shootin from the wrong holster
I just want to bring people closer, and rid the world of all thats negative
I’m fightin off the pessimist now happiness is precedent
Evident, changing my focus and blocking out the hate
If you woke up today then just know it aint too late
You can change, everythang, if its really what you want
Take your brain, rearrange, disassemble all your taught
Its a fact that the greatest gifts in life cant be bought
So I remain rich in heart, I’m all in with these cards
I play my hand how its dealt, make amends with how I felt
Accepting me for myself, put the rest back on the shelf
Be exactly what you are, every bump, every scar
Every smile, every tear, dont ever give in to fear
Dont ever let others stop when you tryna find your shine
The only important opinion is yours, in your mind

You can be more than you know
There is always room to grow
Don’t be afraid let it show
Your my unexpected hero

… I’ve doubted myself and I’m sick of it
I gotta stick with persistence and push for those listenin
I can’t give up on myself, even if my life is hard
It would be meaningless if I couldn’t express through my art
Look up right now at the sky, realize we all will die
We must appreciate our glimmer in the sands of time
Banish those who put you down, love is what you keep around
Always live up in the now, respect what is so profound
Anger is an anchor that I’m truly tryna cast away
Please bring peace up onto me before I have to pass away
Please bring peace up on the world and help us understand it more
It’s difficult to come together but it’s what I’m working for
I fight for what is right no matter how much may be in my way
I’m proud of what I have to say and pray to help me locate strength

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