*New Single* Every Body Dies feat. Sleep Lyrical & Playboy the Beast

// October 30th, 2017 // Audio















Brand new single produced by Vice Gripp – “Every Body Dies” – featuring Murder Musick artists Sleep Lyrical & Playboy the Beast!

Itunes – http://apple.co/2l937cO

Apple Music – http://apple.co/2yD9b2Q

Amazon Music – http://amzn.to/2yIxX1D

Google Play – http://bit.ly/2hpnpdH

Spotify – http://spoti.fi/2iKPSOH


Lyrics for Vice Gripp’s 3rd verse below!

I close my Iris* & see dead people staring back
Friends and family their souls are there with me I carry that
Very fact, channeling their spirits in my lyrics, if God made
Us in His image then why do we erode and diminish?
Life is a privelege Forsaykin* in its instance
Strike my lightning in the dark I’ll make my Mark* across existence
Fire soul, buckin Tex* off in a blaze a glory
Live through my eyes, I’m Arthur-ing* amazing stories
Anita* pen and paper writing lines in time itself
[dead] P.o.e.t. flowin through the Universe to find himself
Mind, body and soul, self projection holy
See every damn day I wake up it’s Saul* good homie
Cuz I know we… must remind ourselves slowly…

*Iris Garfinkel 1930-2007
*Forsaykin, Christopher Mascrier 1987-2017
*Mark Perrin 1988-2016
*Texin Vellapally 1984-2007
*Arthur Garfinkel 1925-1992
*Anita Brysman 1927-1994
*Saul Kaplan 1923-2015

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